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Anime Music Videos

Trunkims Production

My videos can be finally be viewed right here (well some of them)!! No more having to go to the other website and signing up to watch it. I'm currently in the process of uploading all of my videos, not on youtube though. So now you can enjoy it! I'm in the process of updating the site with the rest of the videos... as long as they don't keep kicking them off the streaming site... damn haters lol

Title: Family Ties
Anime: Dragonball Z/GT
Music: Creed- My Sacrafice
Premiere Date:Jan. 03, 2002
Comment/Summary: If you're looking for the hard core violence and blood DO NOT dl the video, this is mainly just a video about the sacarfices the Z-Warriors make. It's pretty good for my first video, as I have seen PLENTY of amv's before I made this... quality, could be better. I made this long ago so it's pretty much out dated but still good.....

I made this video in December of 2001. After watching the episode when vegeta killed himself, I was inspired to make this video after listening to "My Sacrafice" on the radio one day. Finally after days of producing I finally finished. It would've been much more better than it turned out but I didn't have a capture card till Feb of 2002. Go figure........... simple video according to the sacrafices of the z-warriors. I added an extra chorus just for Krillin. You'll see if you watch it.

Title: Somewhere I Belong
Anime: Dragonball Z
Music: Linkin Park- Somewhere I Belong
Premiere Date: March 18, 2003
Participation: None
Comment/Summary: Finished in March 2003 after the final release of the DBZ videos, I wanted to be the first ones to do a video on the NEWEST Linkin Park song "Somewhere I Belong" Seeing as how Linkin Park songs are mostly associated with DBZ videos, I did it on the newest one. It's basically about Fat Buu, trying to find someplace to belong, hence the song title...

Title: Aya's Partings Version 1
Anime: Ayashi no Ceres
Music: Aaliyah - Miss You
Premiere Date: May 05, 2003
Participation: None
Comment/Summary: After listening to this song being played on the radio and at home tons of times, I decided to do a video on this song.

The theme is basically about Aya and how she misses the most important people to her. Mainly of course it'll focus on Aya and Touya, and Aya and Aki.

NOTE: It's not up for download. I had it ready to upload but, after watching and finishing the first version of this, I decided it didn't turn out the way I wanted to. There was so much more things that could've been done so much better. I know it!!! So I'll be re-making it again. Hopefully it'll be better and the transitions will flow. Aya's Partings V.2 is coming soon.

Title: Falling Even More In Love With WHICH Tamahome?
Anime: Fushigi Yuugi OVA's 1-3
Music: Lifehouse- Hanging By A Moment
Premiere Date: May 20, 2003
Participation: None
#1. I love this song (like every other song out there lol)
#2. I wanted to do a video with this song
#3. I thought about the lyrical content and who best fits it
#4. BAMM I found one!!!
#5. No one's made an AMV with the FY OVA's so I thought I should!! GO ME lol =)

Well I haven't seen this OVA on the list of anime's so I figured no one uses any of the FY OVA's so I wanted to. This video focuses on Taka-Miaka-Tamahome. Mainly it's about Taka and his struggles to be the Tamahome everyone knows and how hard it is for him to do that at the same time as trying to keep Miaka by his side. Hopefully you've seen this OVA cuz there's spoilers everywhere in this vid so watch out!! unless you want to spoil it by all means go ahead.......Besides some people think of Tamahome as cheesy so Taka's better anyway =P lol

**I was making this video, in the process of doing so, I added a certain scene which threw my thing off balance, everything was out of sync and when I tried to fix it, it just got worse. I've put it aside and decided to recreate it later....

Title: I've Changed For You, Tomoe
Anime: Rurouni Kenshin OVA- Reminisence
Music: Lenny Kravitz Premiere Date: May 20, 2003
Participation: So Sohma Studios 2003 Sohma Fest
Comment/Summary: Sorry I'm a mushy kind of girl and I love this song. I totally forgot about it till I bumped into Meri's Fushigi Yuugi version to this song then I remembered. Anywho, I was listening to this song while doing some homework and was thinking about making a Kenshin AMV but I didn't know what song to put it to then I was listening to this and was thinking, 'i can make it to this since it'd go with the story.' plus the line 'i wonder if I'll ever see you again' kind of reminded me of the end of the OVA.

The scar that reminds him of the past. The theme isn't very original, most people use this idea just to different songs.... anyway basically its about the story between Tomoe and Kenshin. This focuses on the way Kenshin grew from killing to falling in love with Tomoe and the times he had with her......


Title: The 3rd Party Never Gets The Girl
Anime: Ayashi no Ceres & Fushigi Yuugi
Music: Vertical Horizon- Everything You Want
Premiere Date: June 09, 2003
Participation: None
Comment/Summary: I was listening to this song a while ago after watching an episode of Ayashi no Ceres. Then I thought, 'hey i should do a video to this song for yuuhi' Man Yuuhi is my favorite in Ceres, but he doesn't even end up with Aya just like all the other 3rd party guys never do. So in favor of those who tried but failed, this is for you!! The theme is basically about the other guys in the main character's life who TRY to get with her but don't succeed because she's in love with someone else. In Fushigi Yuugi I'm focusing on.... actual there's a lot of them but I guess mainly on Hotohori-Miaka-Tamahome. With Ceres I'm focusing on that of course love triangle between YUUHI-Aya-Touya. Mainly it's Hotohori and Yuuhi that this song is being dedicated to. Has anyone noticed Hotohori and Yuuhi basically have the same background/story, alone, no parents (well, yuuhi basically has none until his dad finally shows support, but he's still alone), need warmth, say 'i love you' to the girl, girl loves the other guy, other guy leaves her somehow, then the girl tries to fall in love with Hotohori and Yuuhi then realizes she can't..... OH then the scenes when Miaka was sick she asked Hotohori to kill her but he couldn't because he loved her too much.... kind of similar to the time Aya got her heart broken, and sick, then while Yuuhi took care of her she pulled Yuuhi to her bed and basically asked him to be with her but he said no because HE loved her too much too....geez what a bummer!!!

Title: Aya's Partings Version 2
Anime: Ayashi no Ceres
Music: Aaliyah- Miss You
Premiere Date: June 12, 2003
Participation: None
Comment/Summary: This is Version 2 of "Aya's Parting". I had the first one ready to upload but, after watching the finished product a couple times, I decided it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to. There was so much more things that could've been done so much better. So now, about a month later, here's version 2. NEW AND IMPROVED!!

The theme is the same as the first one, basically its about Aya and how she misses the most important people to her, Aki and Touya. It's all about Aya's memories. As if she were thinking this in her head one day..... so it has scenes here and there, no real timeline progression in it, just her memories

Title: Betrayal & Lies
Anime: Fushigi Yuugi
Music: Linkin Park- From The Inside
Premiere Date: June 15, 2003
Participation: None
Comment/Summary: Man I love Linkin Park songs, they have the best lyrics. Helps me push out everything that stresses me out of my mind and lets me relax.... great album! Anyway I picked up the album when it came out and listened to the entire thing then after listening to it more often I picked up this song to do a FY video.

The theme is basically about how Yui was supposedly "betrayed" by her best friend Miaka. This video shows the trials and triumphs that Yui's had when she trys to take her revenge on poor little Miaka. The lyrics pretty much tells all along with video sequence.

Best Overall at AUS Anime April 2004 Contest too!!

Title: Your Life Begins at 16, Aki Mikage
Anime: Ayashi no Ceres
Music: Linkin Park- Lying From You
Premiere Date: July 08, 2003
Participation: So Sohma Studios AMV 2003 Contest, AUS Anime April 2004 Contest
Comment/Summary: Ok I made a previous AnC AMV about 2 months back. It was a simple, loving video dedicated to Aya and her memories with the ones she missed the most. However, in AnC the story is more than just Aya missing the way things were. So instead I decided to make a video to the mental case that Aki turned out to be. His character was shocking above the rest. The struggles he faced trying to be normal was interesting.

The Theme: This video revolves around Aki Mikage. Aki, reborn from a past lifetime, begins to change into the crazy man he was in his past life. Once his 16th birthday came, his life became nothing be sorrow, confusion, and pain. In the series Aki struggles to stay himself, until he finally snaps into the real Mikagi of the past. This video is basically the whole entire story of Aki from beginning to end. If you haven't seen AnC then I'm not too sure you'll fully understand Aki. The story goes quick. It's a VERY fast paced video. It goes through all the events Aki's dealt with in his life. From Aya to his grandpa to Touya to Ceres to Mikagi to himself.

More Detailed Description Here

Title: Hideki's Angel
Anime: Chobits
Music: Monica- Angel of Mine
Premiere Date: July 16, 2002
Participation: So Sohma Studios AMV 2003 Contest
Comment/Summary:FINALLY, it's a video from someone other than me in this production. Kakkarot or should I say SSJ Kakkarot (since he finally made a video), made an OUTSTANDING video to the wonderful anime Chobits!!! I can personally say this is my fave!!! For his first video, after watching me make tons of 'em his turned out much better than mine!! It almost made me cry watching it the first time, and the second time, and the third time. OH JUST WATCH IT!!!

Theme: Basically it's the Chobits series in 4 minutes. It explains Hideki and Chii's evolution from day one to where they end up, so if you haven't seen the end well...... you can watch if you want, it doesn't reveal the reason for the end. The video shows the happy times they shared as well as the hard rough times. Toward the end of the video, it transitions into Chii remembering everything that happened with Hideki and how much she's changed. It's all about Hideki and Chii

Title: Cry Me A River, Ceres!
Anime: Ayashi no Ceres
Music: Justin Timberlake- Cry me a River
Premiere Date: July 25, 2003
Participation: None Comment/Summary: Ok I began this after the Linkin Park video for AnC...... However, this really didn't turn out as I hoped. I stopped production on this video a week or two before the premiere date. Then later on I figured I'd go ahead and finish it up since I was half way done with it already. This video I'd say isn't my best work. Sure there are some scenes that could've been shortened or changed, but I tried to fit it the best I could without jumping from scene to scene. Ok so maybe it's not as bad as I'm saying it is, but I'm happy with how it turned out. Well just go ahead and download it yourself.

The theme I was going for was an AMV about Ceres and Shiso. It's basically about Shiso's love for Ceres, how she never could see that he really loved her from beginning to end. Although Shiso was wrong in Ceres' eyes, after killing him, she has realized that in the end, Shiso did love her.

Title: Shinobu's Friendship
Anime: Love Hina - Winter - Spring
Music: Edwin McCain- I'll Be
Premiere Date: Aug. 12, 2003
Participation: So Sohma Studios 2003 October Fest
Comment/Summary: **Thanks to Denis of After the Storm Productions** Shinobu never really had any friends till she met him, Urashima Keitaro. Since then, she has grown very fond of him, even having her very own crush, but she knew he was in love with someone else, Naru. Whenever Keitaro had a problem with Naru, it would seem like Shinobu was there to try and fix it. No matter what happened between Keitaro and Naru, she was always supportive of trying to keep his relationship with Naru in balance. Shinobu seemed to hide her feelings for Keitaro, drawing her fantasies on paper was the closest thing she could get to an actual relationship with him. Even if she could never have the same place in his heart as Naru does, she I guess you can say will always be the greatest fan of his life.

Title: Undying Love
Anime: Fushigi Yuugi
Music: Westlife- Unbreakable
Premiere Date: January 08, 2004
Participation: WINNER OF BEST SENTIMENTAL ROMANCE at So Sohma Studios 2003 Sohma Fest
Comment/Summary: I needed to do a FY AMV.... I've needed to forever but I never got to it cuz I didn't have enough time to look through all the episodes in the series plus not enough room in my comp. I got the Westlife's Greatest Hits CD back when I was visiting my family in the Philippines last year. I got to this song "Unbreakable" and it made me think of the events that happened with Taka and Miaka.

I decided to make a video to this song and use the first and second OVA to it. I haven't seen very many, if any, amvs to this song or these ovas. However the theme isn't that original, which I know will make me lose points, but I haven't seen a real good FY romance video, that uses completlely different scenes aside from the everyday FY series video, which is why I wanted to use these OVAs.

The Theme: With this very unoriginal theme of Miaka and Taka or Tamahome whichever you prefer, the events she went through to keep him. The first part of it is just them together and Tamahome disappearing back into the book and at the end they had to separate, only to be reunited again, only this time he was a bit different and was now named Taka. With all the trials they both endured to keep the relatiionship, my favorite being the final battle, I wanted to show that no matter what, these two were meant to be together!!!

Title: Are You Mine?
Anime: Ayashi no Ceres
Music: Maroon 5- She Will Be Loved
Premiere Date: August 11, 2004
Participation: None
Comment/Summary: I saw the Maroon 5 video to this song and loved it. After that I knew I had to make a video for it. I always wanted to do a video that featured one of my favorite characters from Ayashi no Ceres, but I wanted it to have this certain mood about it. I wanted to show how he was there for her and the way he fell for her.... but there was something holding him back.

I tried to keep the scenes that displayed Yuuhi as being forceful out (ex: when he kisses her and she has a displeased look on her face) I wanted to show him as being gentle.

The Theme: Yuuhi and Aya's relationship is up and down. I tried to keep the video on the more dramatic side, once it reaches toward the end I tried to show the times when Yuuhi, Aya and Touya were in the same room as Yuuhi had a displeased look on his face. Then have it fade into all the happier moments of Yuuhi and Aya as the song fades in and out "Please don't try too hard to say good-bye" then with the final "good-bye" I tried to show them being depressed and apart. Like all my other videos, I tried to keep the scenes in coordinance with the lyrics, but still able to tell the story from beginning to end.

Title: The Third Party Never Gets The Girl V.2
Anime: Ayashi no Ceres & Fushigi Yuugi
Music: Vertical Horizon -Everything You Want
Premiere Date:Jan. 18, 2005
Comment/Summary: Ah yes, the video has come back better and cleaner!! Version 2 of "The 3rd Party Never Gets The Girl". Surprisingly this didn't take me too long to do. I thought it would take more time since I never really worked with the Fushigi Yuugi TV series as much as I did with the Ceres footage. With the captureing, set-up, and editting process, it only took about a week to finish this...

The Theme: In favor of those who tried but failed, this is for you!! Basically this is about the men who TRY to get with the main character but don't succeed because she's in love with someone else. In Fushigi Yuugi I'm focusing on the Hotohori-Miaka-Tamahome relationship. With Ceres I'm focusing on the YUUHI-Aya-Touya relationship. Both Hotohori and Yuuhi try and satisfy the women in the series but don't succeed, eventhough they knew the women love someone else they do whatever they can just to make her happy in the end.

This video is a bit different from my other videos cuz I used more synchronization and small effects. I hope you all enjoy it and I get a nice rating and opinion would be nice too!! =D

Title: Takayuki's Decision
Anime: Kimi ga Nozomu Eien
Music: Nelly ft. Tim McGraw - Over and Over
Premiere Date:June 21, 2005
Comment/Summary: IT'S DONE!! My brother's (Kirk) 2nd video is finished... we had some technical production errors toward the end, it was his first time using Premiere Pro and little things would happened while rendering the video. So technical difficulties forced both of us to push back the releasing. If you've seen his first video "Hideki's Angel" this is much better for his second one. It packs emotion and drama as well as comedy within it. Sorry if the quality isn't as up to par as our other videos, like i said many many technical problems with exporting.....

The Theme: Takayuki's basically got two ordeals in his life with two women he's fallen for. This video shows the difficulties and effects of all of his decisions, good and bad.

The video itself was created in relation to the actual Nelly video for this song.

Title: Never Forget...
Anime: Fushigi Yuugi
Music: Gwen Stefani - Cool
Premiere Date:August 5, 2005
Comment/Summary: I really intended to complete this video before the actual Gwen Stefani video came out, but before I knew it, her video came out. I had some trouble with the synchronization during some of the beats cuz it would match up the first time, then after rendering it and continuing it would be off again, I had to edit the synchronization about more than 10 times during the whole process, even after the video was finished, when it exported, the last 3 beats were off. So over and over again I went through to fix it and each time (even when it was on beat on premiere) it got messed up by a second at final exporting....

The Theme: The song itself wrote the story for this video. "Cool" is about how two people (in this case Hotohori and Miaka) seemed as if they had something going on with eachother, but Miaka was into someone else, Tamahome. Through everything thing that happened between their love triangle Miaka and Hotohori are still "cool" with each other

I tried to make this video show how close Miaka and Hotohori were by listening to the lyrics and how they have moved on. Anything that I put in black and white was to signify a memory or thought in the past.

Title: N/A
Show: Hana Yori Dango (J-Drama)
Music: Ai Otsuka - Planetarium
Premiere Date:May 17th, 2006
Comment/Summary: Ah yes, my first j-drama video...I took it in the same direction as the last few that I did.

The Theme: Well it's the first time I went with a non-english song. So I tried to make it go with it as I could.
Here are the english lyrics for them

The sound of shoes echoing out on that road is still left in my ears
Staring at my large shadow, I wonder if you still think about me

Even though they shouldn't have changed at all, sad feelings swell in me
No matter what I feel, you're not here anymore

I want to go to your side, even if just for a little while
I love you most of all, it's stayed a strong feeling
I tried silently wishing on a shooting star
But I won't cry, the wish will go through, into the beautiful sky

Even if we can't be together, I want to follow my memories, and see the same happiness as you do
The fireworks burst in a flush, together with that scent

I want to go to where you are, clenching my small hands
I want to cry, it was such a beautiful sky
I tried silently wishing on a shooting star
But I won't cry, the wish will go through, into the beautiful sky...