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WARNING!! VERY OLD and outdated lol... I'll fix this eventually....

Next Generation Sites (Sites that are dedicated to the kids of Dragonball: Trunks, Goten, Pan, Marron, or Bra)

Something Like You
For: Trunks, Gohan & Videl
Description:If you like Trunks, Gohan & Videl (mainly the couple) this is the place to be! It has the BEST drawn fanart & fanmanga I've seen. I love goin here to read the manga and check out some art. She's my inspiration for drawing man!! GO VISIT IT!!

GTM Website
For: Trunks, Goten & Marron
Description: This is the place for the 'triple threat' Goten, Trunks and Marron. The #1 place for fanfics...not just on these 3 but on everyone else too!! I recommend reading Just A Feeling's long fyi but it's pretty good....It hasn't been updated in a long time but it's still a good place to go

Temple O' Trunks
For: Trunks
Description: I'm sure you've heard of this place if you're a Trunks fan...all I have to say is it's 100% Trunks, duh just look at the name! Has everything you need on this purple haired, pics, fanart, manga, fics, OH a funny little thing she does with her Trunks figures lol, videos (She's got the GREATEST video on Trunks (traces of insanity) and the CUTEST video on the men of dbz lol check it out.

Trunkims Production- Next Generation
For: Trunks, Goten, Pan, Bra & Marron
Description: This is actually a fansite created by my friend Sasami and I. It's a fanbased site with almost everything you see here but with fanfics about the characters added and other contents dedicated to the kids of Dragonball Z/GT.

Dragonball/Z/GT Sites

Other Anime Sites

After The Storm Productions

For: AMV's from ATS Productions
Description: This is my buddy's site!! After seeing the first video they did, I realized how crappy my videos were in terms of quality. Their first video encouraged me to create one of better quality...... quite frankly, quality wise, my videos were pretty harsh. Check out their video....


For: MY #1 Source for buying anime
Description: Only THE BEST place to buy your anime needs. I love going here. I buy all my anime here. I've dealt with Ebay-ers, and gotten some rotten dvd's (ones that the subtitles were off, the ones that even TRANSLATED NAMES which was annoying) Bought at the local stores BestBuy and Suncoast, spent too much there. Other online anime stores, this was the best one to go to!!!

Anime Music Videos
For: Anime Music Videos
Description: Aside from drawing, I make amvs as most of you know. This is THE PLACE for all AMV's from the actual videos themselves to guides to make AMV's to journal entries from the AMV-ers. Another way to put your favorite song with your favorite anime!!
For: Anime & Manga Info
Description: My FAVE place to go to when I need info on all different types of anime to watch. This site provides information on animes A-Z. If there's an anime you want to watch but you aren't sure, go here. The site will give you a description of the anime along with reviews from other anime viewers like yourself and their ranking from 1-10 how much they enjoyed it!! PLUS Info on MANGA!!!

Anime Wallpapers
For: Anime Wallpaper
Description: Thousands to choose from, good place for all kinds of wallpaper. Organized well!!

Anime Web Turnpike
For: Anime on the web
Description: The #1 place for thousands and thousands of anime websites!! It's very very organized!! Takes you to places you can't find on seach engines. An example of this is when I tried finding certain cels, I went on a regular search engine and found few places to go. However, the search engine on this site showed me hundreds of places to go!!! Great source for other anime sites and more!!!
For: Various
Description: For the latest stuff in anime like dbz, yu-gi-oh, pokemon, yu yu hakusho and more, this is the place to go. I used to go to the messageboards all the time here!! I found lots of info for dbz in here too!!

Yuu Watase: A Fan's Portfolio
For: Yuu Watase
Description: I had to create a live site for my web design class during my fall '04 semester. We had to do a portfolio site and I decided to do mine on Yuu Watase, mangaka for Fushigi Yuugi, Ayashi no Ceres, etc. The site contains info, and manga info.